A Ride Through The Procedure

It is very important to review your medical history before getting a laser hair removal treatment. You must get checked for skin diseases, or reactions before getting done. You need to also give out names of any medication you use or any procedures you have had on your skin before. You can also check https://starlasercalgary.com for all the precautions.

Laser treatment is nothing like any other treatment. It does not free your skin from hair in one sitting, but it takes up to 4-5 sittings in which your hair sheds from your skin. The visiting depend on the area of your focus, for example, a place with fast hair growth like your upper lip can need a sitting session every month. Whereas, the parts with less hair growth can have intervals up to 8-12 months. You will be provided some kind of eye protection from the laser beams, like goggles. And, might get an anesthetic cream applied on your skin to help you not feel any heat at all.

The doctor will move a hand held laser on your skin, which will emit laser beams going through your skin directly on your hair follicles making them stop the growth. You will feel a little heat throughout the process. The time of the whole sitting varies from part to part. For example, a large area like your back can take up to an hour, but it only takes a few minutes for areas like your upper lip, or chin.

After the procedure, you will notice a little inflammation with redness, which is very normal. It only lasts for a few minutes, and goes away if applied ice or a steroid cream. Sunlight and heat must be avoided at all costs after the treatment, and a sunscreen should be worn all the time.

The results varies from person to person, but we all can bear a little difference in exchange for an eternal hair free life.