All You Need to Know About Ping Pong Paddles

If you are a novice ping pong player then you should first learn all about ping pong paddles. Ping pong paddles are the key element that assists you in becoming a good player. Usually, for beginners, it does not affect their game no matter which ping pong paddle they use, however, if you want to be a professional player then you might consider getting a good quality paddle.

Ping Pong Paddle Ratings

To choose a high-quality one, you should first read ping pong paddle reviews regarding which type of paddle would suit you best. The different types of paddles are usually rated by their performance. The most basic forms of ping pong paddles include:

  • Ping pong power
  • Ping pong control
  • Ping pong spin
  • Ping pong speed

Parts of Ping Pong Paddles

If you are thinking of investing in a ping pong paddle then you should first be aware of all its parts. The most important parts of a ping pong paddle include:


The blade or the body is the core of a ping pong paddles blade. It is usually made of wood, its structure greatly affects the speed and control of the player. Some paddles even incorporate carbon fibers in the blade of the paddle.


The outside portions of the paddles are covered with rubber. A ping pong paddle that is used by professionals usually has the provision of rubber replacement to keep them in top condition over a longer period of time.


The handle of a ping pong paddle in another important part, this helps in providing the perfect grip. There are various types of handles, you can choose the one that fits you perfectly and has the least chances of slippage.