Common Windshield Breakers

Your car’s windshield is arguably one of the most important parts of your car, in the sense that you won’t be able to drive without it being in top condition. If you’re thinking that ‘hey, that’s not true, I have a little crack on mine and I drive just fine’, stop. That little crack can spread really fast because of all that wind pressure your windshield has to sustain. Without your windshield, you can’t even see where you’re going and your car will fill up with all the air pressure as well, making it impossible for you to drive straight.

This is why if your windshield is starting to break or is already shattered, you ought to get it replaced by a certified windshield replacement specialist. You can visit this website to learn more about how a windshield needs to be replaced and book an appointment. Here are a few things that can break your windscreen.

A Falling Flower Pot

This happens more often than you‘d think. People park their cars in front of buildings with balconies and since we all love having plants on our balcony walls for some reason, there’s a high risk of a pot falling. Don’t keep your pots on the wall, you could break someone’s windshield or even kill them.

A Road Flint

Most of the tiny scratches and crack that later spread into the disaster are started when the tires of the car in front of you launch a flint from the road and it hits your windshield. The wind pressure and the speed of the other car can give a flint a bullet like trajectory so it’s no wonder that your glass cracked. Get that replaced before it spreads any further.