Fantasia on a Theme

We all know that feeling. We hear someone we know got out on a bail of a few hundred dollars. What this means is that, on paying bail a defendant will not need to be held in police custody until their court meeting. Either the defendant themselves or somebody on their behalf can pay their bail amount and the defendant is released. Paying bail is a way for the jurisdiction to ensure that the defendant comes back for their court meeting where their decision of guilt is still pending. What does it mean then to pay a bail with a bail bond?

The set amount of money that serves its insurance doesn’t just have to be paid with cash. There are probably many convicted that may not have the cash at hand to afford their own bail, but what they don’t have in cash they can make up for with collateral. Bail bonds themselves have two distinctions between them. There are the criminal bail bonds used in criminal cases. These guarantee a defendant appears in trial when called upon as well as the dues that are decided upon against the defendant. The other kind of bail bond is a civil bail bond.

These guarantee payment of debts decided upon the attendant. The bail bonds San Francisco organizations provide can be a great benefit for those who find themselves a bit financially stressed at the moment to pay the entirety of the bail amount in cash value. Using your resources to provide financial aid and guarantee so that the court does not see the need to keep you in custody is a boon many would want to take since you can better make your case outside of the slammer than inside it.