Hockey movie character All-Star team

Sunday , 13, May 2018 Comments Off on Hockey movie character All-Star team

If hockey movies have taught us anything, it’s that our favorite game is incredibly fast and shockingly violent, that goaltenders are high strung targets who get little help from their defense, and that creative cussing is a skill set as vital as skating and stickhandling.

No wonder we love watching these things, eh?

They’ve also introduced us to a plethora of rich and colorful characters, some of whom seem to play the game pretty well. So that got us to thinking: Which of these guys would make up the best hockey movies team?

We pored over our favorite films and narrowed it down to our list of celluloid First-Team All-Stars. The rules? Only fictional players were eligible (so, no Rocket Richard or Jim Craig). And to spread out the love, we limited our favorite films to four representatives, max.

And just because we felt like it, we expanded our list to include the best cinematic coach, GM and broadcaster.