How to Walk Your Cat The Right Way

An interesting trend you will now find amongst cat owners these days is making them wear cat leashes and taking them out for walks. Since we are not accustomed to seeing cats being taken out for walks, it can seem bizarre and even wrong at first, but a lot of cats actually seem to enjoy it.

If you happen to have a cat, you should consider trying to take them out for a walk and seeing if they will like it, because if they do, this is an activity you and your cat can do together and it will add to a lot of fun for both of you. Now, because of safety reasons, you cannot take your cat outdoors directly, you need to train them indoors first so that they are used to it.

The first thing you want to do is to get a cat harness or leash, and you can easily find one online on websites like Once you have gotten the leash, keep it around your cat for a few days so that your cat can touch, smell and feel it so that it can familiarize itself with it. Your next step is to have your cat wear the harness or leash. It is important that the harness fits your cat comfortably and is not making them uncomfortable. You then let the cat go about its usual day while wearing the harness so that it is used to wearing it. You can at times use the leash while your cat is walking around the house in order to familiarize itself with the sensation. Once that is done, you should take your cat out to a quieter area so that it is not overwhelmed and let the cat choose where it wants to go while you hold onto the leash and let it guide you.