Take What’s Yours

There are a lot of coaches out there in the basketball world that will tell you to be aggressive. But when you’re just starting out in the game, that phrase could be a bit too vague to understand. They don’t mean you should start attacking the players of course, that is going to get you kicked out of the game and possibly even banned from the sport. What your coach is trying to tell you is that you need to stay on your feet and go after the ball when you see the chance. A loose ball on the field is just waiting to be picked up and the momentum would just go so much better if your team is the one that picks it up.

The rebound shots can be just as important as the one who makes the initial shot. Not every shot you make or one of your teammates will make is guaranteed to go in. This doesn’t mean you should attack your teammate and demand for a pass so that you’re the only one who makes the shots in any match, it just means that you keep your eye on the ball when someone else is making a shot so that if it doesn’t go in, your first priority is to try it again.

This helps you play more aggressively too. You can use your practice sessions to learn how to shoot a basketball correctly but during the match, you shouldn’t be focusing on how you’re going to angle your shot or how much strength you will put into it. Rather your mind should be focused on just making that shot in the first place and unless your one of the players meant to go on defence, keep your eye on the ball.