AFC East And West’s Most Important Players For This Season

This year, every major team in the NFL is working towards the ultimate goal; getting through the playoffs so that they can try their hand at winning the Super Bowl LIII. In order to make it there, each team will need to outdo one another through sheer coordination and skill. While winning in NFL largely requires a team wide effort, there are always a few players that manage to stand out from the crowd.

We are going to take a quick look at five critical players in each roster, players that may not be the best that every roster has to offer, but are certainly important enough to shape the course of this season.

AFC East

The Buffalo Bills might have to turn to their rookie Josh Allen in the postseason if they make it through the starting gig, which they will with the help of AJ McCarron. Should the team make it through preseason, its quarterback will have a long way to go and might just burn out by the time he makes it to the postseason.

The Miami Dolphins’ quarterback is set to return after recovering from a major injury. There’s a lot of people hoping that Ryan Tannehill manages to help the Dolphins’ recover just as well as he himself did, however, he will have to manage that without Jarvis Landry acting as the team’s wide receiver.

The New England Patriots picked Isaiah Wynn to replace Nate Solder, the team has two reasons backing up its decision; the first is that Wynn is talented enough to act as blindside protector for Brady, and the second being that they want to have a greater number of options.

The New York Jets have been facing seven consecutive years of bad luck in the playoffs, but this time they are confident that Sam Darnold might be able to get them through and save them from another dry year.

AFC West

The biggest highlight in the Denver Broncos’ offseason was the decision to take in quarterback Case Keenum; the team’s ace for this season.

The Kansas City Chiefs made the decision to switch over to Patrick Mahomes II, but they will need more than just their quarterback if they plan on sticking around in the playoffs. They will need to focus on Dee Ford and the rest of their defence team.

The Los Angeles Chargers will be entering this season without Hunter Henry, meaning that the quality of their attack will now be decided by Keenan Allen, the team’s receiver.

The Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr is back along with Amari Cooper, and by the looks of it, this season is pretty much going to be all about getting these two back in shape for the Raiders.

The NFC is all about adapting to the unknown and making things work, which is exactly why it can be so thrilling to watch, let’s see how each team gets through the playoffs and who ends up with a spot in this year’s Super Bowl.