Ron Darling And The Mets Astounding 1985 Season

1985 was a particularly memorable year for the New York Mets thank to Ron Darling; the team’s pitcher who helped the team make this particular year really special, along with making it the best year of his personal career. The 1980’s were when the Mets were at the top of their game, and Darling was with the team throughout this time, Darling was known for being a particularly wild player and it is safe to say that the 1985 season was his wildest one.

Ron Darling paved his way through the game in a highly unusual manner; he managed to win sixteen games and by the year’s end he had an ERA of 2.90, numbers like these are not easy to forget, regardless of how old they get. While the 1985 game was Darling’s highlight, it was not perfect, he had trouble maintaining control throughout the season and ended up with an average of 6 strikeouts/9 innings. Another problem that Darling faced in the 1985 season was that his number of walks went pretty high.

People got a taste of Darling’s wild side in 1984; the first time he played for an entire season. He managed to rack up 104 walks, a big figure according to today’s standards, but 34 years ago, having a huge number of walks was not uncommon. While 104 walks was acceptable, his performance in 1985 was not; Darling had a total of 114 walks that year, a figure that topped the league.

We can tell from Darling’s performance in 1985 that baseball has changed a lot over the last three decades; he walked more than a 100 batters and still managed to get in 16 wins with a very promising ERA. This was because of the fact that back in the day, pitchers like Ron Darling were lenient on walks but stricter on giving up hits, this play style was common back in the day, there were other notable pitchers such as Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan who were famous for passing over a hundred walks.

However, Ron Darling managed to set himself apart from players like these, owing to the fact that his seasons always remained under 7.2 strikeouts/nine. Compared to modern day pitchers, Darling’s high total comes close to an average pitcher’s low end total. Looking back a Ron Darlings career, we can see that almost all of his plays have great scores but are off-balanced by his high number of walks.

We can sum up that Ron Darling was a pretty great pitcher, but his track record has constantly been marred by a high number of walks, resulting in Ron Darling being a rather wild player. Modern day baseball fans should take Darling’s play as an example that just because a pitcher has loaded bases it does not mean that he is a bad player, chances are that he might end up pulling off a darling. Baseball is all about patience, planning, and a whole bunch of surprises.